Chicago, New York and L.A. Don’t Have What We Have

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ImageIf you’re planning to visit or you already live down here, you can watch live improv every weekend!


  • Sick Puppies Comedy – Hey! That’s us. You’re on our website, but we also recommend you become a fan Follow us on Twitter @Spuppies. Click on Tickets to get information on our next show. We perform once a month at the Showtime Performing Arts Theatre in Boca Raton. If you’re interested in Improv classes, we offer them to kids, teenagers and adults. Just click on Classes to find out more. We also do private events and corporate training.
  • The Jove – These are our northernmost friends of improv in Palm Beach. They typically perform the third Saturday of every month at the Atlantic Theatre in Jupiter. Purchase tickets ahead of time. They tend to sell out.
  • Mod27 This troupe performs once a month at Bob Carter’s Actor’s Workshop & Repertory Company in West Palm Beach, FL.


  • Just the Funny – This company has their name on a building! Located in Coral Gables just a block or so from Miracle Mile, these guys have something going on nearly every weekend. Keep in mind this company has multiple troupes within it, so nearly every show has a different cast. Variety? Yes, please. It also doesn’t hurt that we’ve become really good friends and tend to mix our own cast members between each other. So yeah… they’re cool.
  • Invention Theatre and Production Company – These guys are something to watch out for. They now have two troupes: Negative Four Months and Always Cherish Cheese. They perform at the Just The Funny Theatre monthly in Coral Gables.
  • Impromedy – This troupe plays once a month at the Roxy in Miami. Starting in September, they will play once a week. Our own Fawad Siddiqui plays quite a bit with them. Enjoy.
  • Front Yard Theatre Collective Laughing Gas members and personal friends of mine, Gabby Gabriela and Danny Sanchez along with Just the Funny’s Diana Garcia put together the most unique of live theatre experiences in South Florida. A show that literally began in someone’s front yard, now moved to a wonderful stage. They perform once a month as well… usually during a weeknight!


  • – Gilbert Padin from Impromedy set up this wonderful site for the South Florida Improvisers. Click on the link and see some of the South Florida Shows coming up. Not everyone updates here. Hopefully, that will change soon.
  • – Todd Rice of The Sick Puppies and THEY Improv (owner/director) put this site together a number of years ago. The site is a portal to South Florida Improviser sites, but also a nice resource for Improv in general.


  • A special thanks goes out to Gerald Owens, founder of Laughing Gas, South Florida’s longest running improvisational troupe. He has a direct connection to almost every person that improvises down here. He has either directed, taught or played with one of us and I’ve learned so much from him over the last 12 years I’ve worked under him. I’m so grateful and fortunate to have him play as a Sick Puppy in our troupe. The quality of our performances, especially the calling of games and the efficiency of our shows is from his consistent and firm training.
  • Todd Rice of THEY Improv and The Sick Puppies has become a close friend over the years and mentor as a business person. He’s taught me how to run an Improv company and how to make the right decisions.
  • Marilyn Perry of the Showtime Theatre. She continues to believe in our mission, but more importantly, she supports live improv theatre. Without her theatre and support, we would likely not be as successful as we are. Thank you.
  • Carlos Rivera of Just The Funny. Carlos is another person that’s become a great friend and supporter of our endeavors. He’s provided great insight to our company and been an open book when it’s come to his opinions of my ideas.
  • Our Cast. We’ve had 17 cast members since we began. I could write a book on the debt I owe each of you. These 17 people are the most amazing and supportive people a company could ever hope for.
  • The audience. If you’ve read this far. Thank you. You are supporting our scene. You believe in improv. You do more for us than you know. Every person that sees an improv show is 5 people in our eyes. We know you’ll talk about our shows and in time, we hope you become a fan and make others fans as well.

Go Find a Show! Have some fun. Thanks for reading. Let us know if we missed any troupes or links that might make this post more fruitful. Forgive any errors I made regarding the information I provided.