Children with OCD Play a 25 Hour Game of Duck, Duck, Goose

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Boca Raton, FL – It was Tanya Welby’s first time substituting for a group of kids with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  She could tell that the children were wound pretty tight; “I thought it might be fun to play a light and easy game.  In college they taught us to win over students by making sure they have fun.  Boy, was I wrong.”  Tanya explained that she had suspicions that the game might turn ugly when it took 35 minutes just to get the children to sit in a circle; but she proceeded.

The principal of the school, Gilbert Wallachuck, said that he had heard an odd noise coming from one of his classrooms well after school had been let out.  “As I approached the room, I heard a child saying duck… over and over and over…”.  When he entered the room, the 12 children were sitting perfectly still as one child tapped each on their head and circled them saying “duck” with each tap.  When he turned to look to his left, he saw 13 parents and Welby hidden in the corner of the room, frozen with fear.

“The last time we interrupted Timmy, he broke into singing Paula Abduhl songs for 4 straight days.” said Kathy McAllister, mother to Timmy McAllister, the little “ducker”.

Wallachuck ordered pizza for the parents and teacher, moved them to the hallway and waited it out.  All of the children would eventually pass out from exhaustion, including McAllister in the 25th hour.

Welby says this will be the last time she plays Duck, Duck, Goose with her children; “I’ll try something safer with these guys next time and just teach them how to see images in Magic Eye posters.”



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