How To Make The World Fall In Love With You

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In improv we are taught to always support our partner in whatever they do. This is difficult at first, but then becomes easier with practice. When your partner needs something, you give it to them. If you support them, you will both come out on top.

I was at work brain storming with a manager in a different department. I greeted all of his ideas with enthusiasm, like I do with my scene partners. I wasn’t trying to kiss up to him. We work in different areas entirely! The improvisation was working to build one great idea. That idea turned into a product that is quite popular with clients. A few weeks later, I get raise. This was the first time I saw improv bleed over into my working life. I felt its power. The power to agree is not only strong, but its rare. Everyone around me says no. Nobody says yes!

Say yes and you are one in a million. people will come to you with their most precious ideas and thoughts because they know you will support them. It won’t always turn into a raise, but saying yes will take you places you’ve never been and that’s a good thing.

Say yes and the world will fall in love with you. Say no and the story ends.

Leave a comment below and tell us where “yes’ has taken you.



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