Being Safe Doesn’t Populate a Society

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buckleupWe have the wonderful opportunity to participate and perform in the 5th annual Sarasota Improv Festival on July 12th and 13th.  We’ll be in the same company as the SAK comedy lab: the troupe that produced Wayne Brady.  This takes Sick Puppies Comedy to the next level… statewide exposure.

The video I submitted was “The Beagan“; an original improvisational long form piece invented by the Sick Puppies that combines Stand Up Comedy and Long Form Improvisation.  The name of the piece is after the very first comedian to ever perform the piece in a show; Sean Beagan (owner of Calzone Spaceship) It’s a concept that’s been on our radar since the inception of the company.  Ilana Isaacson, Aristotle Georgeson and Aniela McGuinness provided the inspiration whether they knew it or not.  The benefit of having brilliant people around you is that they all have BIG ideas and are extremely well educated.  It makes life as a director easy when all you have to do is listen.

I received a significant amount of pushback when I announced this format.  I was told that there are plenty of other ‘proven’ and ‘safe’ formats that should be explored before trying something new.  Comics, in particular, mocked the idea.  I began to see something that I never expected out of comics and improvisers:  rules.  The world of comedy is run by rule breakers, creators and social degenerates, but this format was breaking rules.  Silly, silly rules.  Rules about status quo, structure, entertainment, image… blah blah blah… When the concept was imagined, there were no rules, just a question… “Would this be entertaining?”

We spent four weeks rehearsing the format and were lucky to utilize great comics like Manny Garavito, Trent Buck and Joshua Geller to help us prepare.  Each week the troupe picked up confidence and something else happened.  We created a buzz.  The local paper wrote an article on us.  Ticket sales went through the roof… and then we were accepted into one of the largest improv festivals in the state. Playing it safe will only yield safe results.  What the fuck is the point of that?

Sick Puppies Comedy is dedicated to finding new ways to entertain in order to reward our audience for their undying support in the short 7 months we’ve existed.  Innovation is our life blood.  The only way for Sick Puppies to have a consistent following is to have an inconsistent format.  We promise to try new things as long as you want us to.  Some things will be a big hit like the Beagan, while I’m sure other pieces might fall short of expectations.

Enjoy your extended holiday weekend.  Buy a couple of tickets for our next show while you’re here:  June 14 – 9:30pm

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