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theatrelongThe Sick Puppies would like to extend a special thanks, to you, our fans.  In just over 7 months, you’ve helped us accomplish more than we could imagine.  Between sold out shows, classes, press and the recent success of our actors in the film and theatre arenas, none of this would be possible without you.

You don’t realize the impact that your provide by attending.  Every individual brings their own energy, input and support to our performance.  We recognize how hard it is to give up a Friday night, spend your hard earned money and forfeit the opportunity to just wind down and go to bed early. In a boutique venue like ours, every audience member counts.  I really mean that.  When we review our shows on video, you can hear a noticeably different sound that resonates from the audience from show to show.   I wish I was better with words to express the gratitude I have for supporting live theatre: especially the many of you that have been to multiple shows.

We hope to continue to grow the improv market in Boca Raton and we need your support more than ever.  Call friends, call family and keep coming back.  We promise to reward you with new formats, bigger performances and more classes.  After Friday, we will have had close to 750 people that have seen a show.  If each of you only told 5 people about us, the math adds up to close to 1.3 million people would know about us. (forgive me, I’m an actor, not a mathy guy)

Here’s to the last five months of our first year.  If you’re coming to PROM, dress up and have fun with it. We only have 5 tickets left as of right now, so please click on “Tickets” to purchase yours now.

Casey Casperson

Director: Sick Puppies Comedy


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