Suggestion Sunday: “Class” Clowns.

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Today’s post was suggested by Sick Puppies Comedy fan Dalilah Duran Petrich.  I like the idea that she actually made the suggestion by putting “Class” in parenthesis.  So, here we go.  My top 5 “Class” Clowns: Funny people that now run with the classes.

1.  Adam Sandler – Rumored to have made $37 million between 2011 and 2012 this clown has made his living off of non-sensical voices and charicatures of himself.  He seems to be a guy that might have dropped out of high school and found his way onto Saturday Night Live, but nothing is further from the truth.  Sandler graduated from NYU in 1988 and has worked his tail off ever since.  He leads by example as a good family man and rewards his friends through his Happy Madison Productions and donates quite a bit to charity.

ferrell2.  Will Ferrell – Ferrell, only a year apart in age from Sandler, seems to be about 6-8 years behind him.  Ferrell was known in high school for being a real class clown as he and a classmate would do skits over the intercom.  He was really known for streaking in college and really found his footing with the Groundlings, an incredible Improv group.  His genuine love for life and his friends has propelled him to his enormous success in life.  He was however, given the award of worst celebrity autographer.  “I don’t know how I got on the list. I sign a lot of autographs”, but has admitted to taunting autograph-seekers: “I do. I really do. I’m like, ‘How badly do you want this autograph?’ ‘Are you sure?’ ‘You say you’re my biggest fan, really, prove it.’ I’ll do things like that. They have to earn it.” Gotta love Will Ferrell.

3.  Jack Black – A true clown in the fact that he has an entire group called “Tenacious D” that does nothing but spoof everything.  He dropped out of UCLA to pursue his entertainment career and has evolved into a very well established actor even beyond his comedic roles.   He’s a polarizing figure as you’ll find people either love him or hate him as an actor, but the one thing to learn from Black is that he is dedicated to his craft. “There’s  nothing you can really do to prepare to rock. Do you prepare to eat a delicious  meal? Are you hungry? Then you’re gonna eat.” – Jack Black

zach_galifinakis4.  Zach Galifinakis – A true humor demon, I’ve never seen anyone that doesn’t break.  Even Ferrell has been seen cracking in certain situations, but there is a darkness in Galifinakis that makes him a real pillar of funny.  He’s one of those people that makes you want to laugh just by looking him.  His facial expressions must have sent his classmates into hysterics.  Everything you need to understand about funny can be witnessed in one episode of “Between Two Ferns”.  You’re Welcome.

Tina Fey (2)5.  Tina Fey –  It’s hard to imagine a world without Tina Fey.  A well known improviser, writer, actor and mother, she has it all.  There are so few people in this world that can be adored by both sexes.  I’d refer to her has “Chili Pepper hot”… up front, not bad, but the longer she lingers, the hotter she gets.  That’s charm and personality at it’s finest.  I dare you find a harder working comedian in the industry.


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