We had our first Show

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I’ll keep this as brief as I can, but it deserves a novel.

The entire cast of Sick Puppies Comedy is a treasure.  Tom Neile created our logo, advertisement and postcards.  True professionalism.  Impressive.

Fawad, Todd and Anthony drove over an hour to perform and rehearse this week.  A tribute to good friends and dedication to a good show.  Anthony keeps the fan page fresh.

Aristotle and Stephon get thrown into the very first show… and they kill it.  Absolutely kill it.

Dan runs the light and sound board with little preparation.  Keeps it together.  Rehearses like a monster.

Adrienne comes to support the show, give phenomenal input and takes great pictures.

Ilana and Michelle call on a daily basis and Aniela gives just the right amount of support.  Tamara provides her best support after last week’s rehearsal.

When you put so much of your heart into a project and your team puts just as much as you do into it, I can’t tell you how that makes you feel…

Finally, Marilyn at Showtime has been so supportive of the troupe and unbelievably wonderful.

We are in the perfect storm of something great.  The first show is over… This troupe is the best.  I could go on for hours, but I won’t.  I love this.


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