Auditions and New Cast Members

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I imagined for auditions to go differently.  We held them last Wednesday.  According to facebook and my emails, I was expecting 30 people.  13 attended… I think the rain scared away the weak.  The ones that did arrive were all people that I already knew and had personally asked to audition, with the exception of one.  It was a pretty special night to see all of my friends come together on stage.  Michelle Domb said it best when she said “That moment when you realize your audition is your first rehearsal”.  Yep.  It was that good.

Special thanks to Fawad Siddiqui and Todd Rice for basically running the audition.  Fawad acted as the mad director and Todd called the scenes.  This allowed me to float and observe or play and observe.  Underneath all of it, it allowed me to immerse myself in something positive.  Earlier that day, I lost a friend.  I didn’t tell anyone because I wanted the audition to be unaffected, but I was certainly distracted.

I had really only performed improv on stage with less than half of the participants and was blown away by the performances of those I had not.

Without further adieu, I welcome your Sick Puppies:

Aniela McGuinness

Michelle Domb

Tom Neile

Fawad Siddiqui

Todd Rice

DAn Rosengarten

Anthony Camillo

Stephon Duncan

Aristotle Georgeson

Adrienne Airhart

Tamara Jones

Ilana Isaacson

This is something tangible and real.  First performance is Novemember 2, 2012.


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